7 Questions about realistic sex dolls

Question 1; How does a realistic sex doll feel?

They are authentic! More than you think! The realistic sex dolls skin is very soft, almost human, and the hair is made of natural woman hair. Some dolls can be more accurate, but this means more quality and more elevated price, but they are totally worth it. They are also flexible, you can put them in any pose you wish. One thing to remember is that the material, TPE and silicon may vary between the dolls, and some may be more rigid or durable. Also, her holes, mouth, vagina and ass are very soft and feel like the real ones. It’s a fantastic product to enjoy and accomplish your desires.

Question 2: Can I have my hyper realistic sex doll anywhere in the house?

The fast answer would be yes, but you must make precautions to keep the doll safe. They can stain and decolour fast if you don’t take care of them well. You should leave her somewhere easy to take out and place her on the bed or sofa, they are also quite heavy, so you can’t just quickly move her everywhere. Also, since it’s something private, it should be stored somewhere discreet where kids, friends or family see her.

Question 3: Will my family, friends, girlfriend, or wife allows me to have realistic sex doll?

This depends on how they think of a huge tits sex doll. If you aren’t a shy person, you can ask them and see what they believe, but we recommend having her somewhere private just for you. Also, if you have a partner, you should communicate with her and let her know about a realistic sex doll. She may like it and doesn’t think of it as a problem. The key is communication!

Question 4: How long do realistic adult dolls last? Are they durable?

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Realistic sex dolls can be durable; they last 2 to 10 years. It depends on the quality and how well you take care of and store her. And how strongly you manipulate her, they can be pretty sensible. You must handle and bend it carefully without too much pressure or force since the skin can be injured.

Question 5: It’s easy to clean a realistic sexdoll?

Yes! Also, it’s a must-do every time after using her. First, the holes should be cleaned and rinsed. And every two or three weeks a deep clean, combing of her hair, clothes, skin, everything. Be sure you don’t leave anything sticky on her since it accumulates dust and may ruin her skin.

Question 6: Why are the realistic adult dolls so expensive?

More expensive means more quality, and it is totally worth it because it’s like a long-term investment. If it’s very cheap, you should think twice or see what’s happening. Usually, realistic sex dolls are customized, and this means extra work on each different doll. The material used on them it’s also expensive, and they can be very heavy! So if you have one and fulfil your fantasy and dreams, you should know they can be costly, but you will love them!

Question 7: Can I buy a realist sex doll anywhere?

Realistic sex dolls are sold online shops, society hasn’t reached the moment where you can see sex dolls in street shops, but society is generally becoming more accepting of sexual products and behaviours. Also, be sure where you are buying. Since they are costly, you should check once or twice with the buyer and see if they are trustable.

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